The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble performs improvisational musique concrète with Copper Heart & Dry Ice, Theremin, and LIve Sampling with Interactive Visuals

The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble is Performing Friday June 20th, 9PM at Walnut Room in Denver: Concréte Mixer/Solstice: an evening of solo and collaborative musique concrete


We’ll be performing Friday night in Denver…

The Walnut Room in Denver is hosting seven artists presenting an evening of acoustic, analog electronic and digital noises, sound effects and tonal music inspired by the musique concréte form and philosophy. As it falls on June 20, this edition is celebrating the summer solstice; there will be an emphasis on the sounds of nature as created music. The artists will play in multiple configurations as solos, duos, and other combinations. Lineup includes Randall Frazier, theremin artist Victoria Lundy, members of renowned ambient project Pythian Whispers David Britton, Charles de Graaf, and Tom Murphy, and sound designer and musician Rick Reid all performing solo and interactive work. Mark Mosher will be performing on Octatrack and Absynth and with interactive visuals. Thomas Lundy will also perform dry ice on metal “Copper Heart,” the Carbon Dioxide Orchestra’s signature instrument.

More info here

3131 Walnut Street, Denver, Colorado 80205
(303) 295-1868
$10 advance online / $12 at the door 21+ /

Here is a photo of the instruments Mark be using at this show this time which include an Octatrack hardware sampler, and Absynth virtual instrument controlled by a MIDI Fighter Twister (thing box with 16 knobs).

Ot-absynth (2)
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