The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble performs improvisational musique concrète with Copper Heart & Dry Ice, Theremin, and LIve Sampling with Interactive Visuals

Photos and Videos from Concréte Mixer II Solstice Concert in Denver


Below are photos and video from the June 20th Concréte Mixer II Solstice Concert in Denver.

Excerpt from My Set

First up is a video excerpt of my solo performance.

This is an excerpt from my set at Concréte mixer/solstice: an evening of solo and collaborative musique concert at the Walnut Room in Denver, CO 6/21/2014.

In this section of the piece, I’m manipulating a large number of samples (field recordings and small snippets from random needle drops on vinyl from a wide variety old recordings) in real-time with morphing, live sequencing, and playing back samples in both chromatic and slots mode using an Elektron Octatrack. Visuals are real-time based on live camera input via Resolume.

Finale with All

Next is a video excerpt from the finale. Throughout the night, each performer and act did individuals sets. For the last song, all artists but one took the stage to do a no rules improv. In stage are from left to right Tom Murphy, Victoria Lundy, Charles De Graaf , David Britton, Rick Reid, me, and Thomas Lundy. The entire piece was around 10 minutes long. What I like about this section of the improv was that 4 of the artists were using vocal samples which created the din-like sound of a crowd, but with an interesting movement to it.Near the tail end of this video you can hear the copper heart which I’m sampling and turning into Octatrack instruments.



Lastly, I posted quite a few photos in a Flickr album of shots taken throughout the night.

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