The Carbon Dioxide Ensemble performs improvisational musique concrète with Copper Heart & Dry Ice, Theremin, and LIve Sampling with Interactive Visuals

Carbon Dioxide Ensemble Interviewed About Our October 29th Screen Scream Pre-Film Concert at Denver Film Center (and More) on The Queen City Sounds Podcast

Victoria Lundy, Thomas Lundy and I were just interviewed on the Queen City Sounds Podcast S2E17 podcast – woo hoo!

We talk about our upcoming Oct 29th pre-film concert for Scream Screen presents: Noche de Terror! double-feature Denver Film Center. We also ended up doing a deep dive into some history of the music scenes in Denver and Colorado Springs, music concrète, Pierre Schaeffer, Bebe Barron and Louis Barron and more.

Use this link to listen

More info on the show and tickets here

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